June 2020 Offer: Domains at $1 & Quality VPN’s at $5

If you ever wanted to start a blog or website, but haven’t yet started, then you can start toady by taking advantage of the discounts on domain names. Also, get lifetime deals on quality VPN services…

Offers on Domains and VPNs

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of the services mentioned in this post. We just wanted to let you know about the offers & deals you can get during these challenging days. Also note, from now-onwards, we’ll publish content in various categories, not only the gaming category, so stay tuned for updates.

Buying a domain name is the first step towards starting your own blog or a website. And for those who are beginning their first site, this becomes their very first investment towards the brand, even before it is created.

At normal times, you’ll get a domain & a VPN at a normal price (that are higher) but during these abnormal times, you can get domains & VPN’s at a very abnormal price or rather say very cheap price.

Today we bring the June 2020 offer on domains and VPNs. If you are looking to grab any of these services, you can & you must take the full advantage of these offers. But what are they? Let’s find out one by one…

Dynadot Domains Sale – Domains at cheap price

Recently the popular domain registrar “Dynadot” launched its June 2020 sale in which they are offering huge discounts on new domain names and also a little discount on domain transfer.


Here’s a list of 25 TLD domains on which they are offering great discounts…

SRTLDDiscounted Price
1.xyzNow at $0.60 only
2.buzzNow at $0.99 only
3.monsterNow at $0.99 only
4.topNow at $0.99 only
5.bestNow at $1.49 only
6.siteNow at $1.49 only
7.funNow at $1.88 only
8.spaceNow at $1.88 only
9.camNow at $1.99 only
10.hostNow at $1.99 only
11.onlineNow at $1.99 only
12.websiteNow at $1.99 only
13.workNow at $1.99 only
14.storeNow at $2.08 only
15.bizNow at $2.49 only
16.usNow at $2.49 only
17.liveNow at $2.85 only
18.worldNow at $2.85 only
19.shopNow at $2.88 only
20.meNow at $2.99 only
21.downloadNow at $3.49 only
22.streamNow at $3.49 only
23.guruNow at $3.85 only
24.digitalNow at $3.85 only
25.networkNow at $3.85 only

This is just a small list of 25 TLD’s on which the sale is live, but there are 100’s of other TLD’s on which Dynadot is offering huge discounts. So, if you want to check the full list, click the button below and visit the official site.

Also, they are offering a discount of domain transfer.

Dynadot is offering domain transfer for $8 + 1-year free renewal.

Along with it you can buy .xyz domains for less than a dollar & pay just $8 for a Domain Transfer.

Awesome deal, isn’t it. So I would suggest that you should grab the deal before it expires.

IPVanish VPN Offer – Lifetime deal on VPN at cheap price

I think you all are aware of what a VPN is, it’s benefits (some listed below), etc & it’s a must in today’s day and age, right? So if you want a good VPN service at affordable or rather say cheap price then you need to check out the IPvanish vpn.

IPVanish is running special VPN Sale where they are offering VPN for just $5 Per Month. Seriously, it’s the first time in the history that they have come with this offer and sale.

A few benefits of VPN you might not be aware of:

  • Hides your online identity & enhances security
  • Helps you bypass geo-blocks so that you can access blocked content
  • Prevent Bandwidth Throttling
  • Bypass Firewalls
  • Secure your Online Connections
  • Make Online Gaming Better
  • And many more…

I know there’s no need to mention any benefits as you might be aware of all those and till now, you may be using the free VPNs

& now,

it’s the perfect time to switch to the paid vpn services like IPvanish. It’s rated 4.7 on Trustpilot which shows that it’s a good service to pay for.


In this Summer sale, you can get their premium VPN services at an affordable price (Just $5/mo for a lifetime) & along with that, they are offering secure cloud storage (SugarSync) for free.

In all their 3 plans, they are offering SugarSync cloud storage of 250GB which is a great deal.

The Best Value plan is of One-Month in which you have to pay just $5 every month for a lifetime. Other VPN’s one-month plan ranges from $10 – $15. So, it’s a great deal. You can see the pricing table (image) below.


Final Words

If you ever wanted to try a VPN, now it’s the right time to test it out for a few months. Also, get at the TLD domain at a cheap rate. These discounts and offers on VPN & domains are for a limited time only.

So take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Even though you don’t want to buy a domain, I would suggest you to go & grab any suitable domain (in case you want to start a blog, website, store, etc in future)

Many people (in my circle) have already booked 3-5 domains in a bulk and have made a smart decision, so you can too. Do you know, before creating this post, I also bought a .me & .live domain for my future projects πŸ˜€

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