About InsideCricSport

InsideCricSport (iCS) is conceptualized, developed & owned by two besties who are simple humans with craze for cricket and games. It’s built for crazy cricket fans like us.

InsideCricSport – The Home of Cricket Games. We say that as bcoz all we do is provide pc cricket games, cricket 07 mods, and content related to cricket. Some are paid which you can get it from our Store and some are free to download.

Currently, we are focusing on providing more free as well as paid pc cricket games, mods & in the near future, we may provide games, content related to other categories.

iCS main site i.e at web address www.insidecricketsport.com, we only provide information about games and listicles, and a bit more general but cricket related content only.

Our articles, blogs, etc. are provided under the label “Editorial Team” and currently we are enough to run all of our sites, but we also allow guest & sponsored posts on our website. If you want to do guest/sponsored posts to be published on our website, then Contact us here.


We do take references, few images & videos from other sites in-order to provide the best content on iCS.  We believe in smart work & hence we do less from our side and simply credit the original one.

We clearly mention that wherever required and possible, we have quoted the sources on our blogs, articles. etc, we don’t take credit for other’s work.

Also note, from iCS you can download game files, mods, etc.

On our website, you can find links that lead to games file. These files are stored somewhere else on the internet and are not a part of this website. We have no relation with those who have uploaded the files & therefore we should not be responsible for any loss to any company, person or whatsoever.

We don’t do any illegal work, nor promote it. We just share game information along with download links to gamers who don’t have enough financial to purchase the game. Although some of the mods are paid, they are purchased from modders & we’ve taken permission to further sell it. This is not piracy & we should not be liable for any loss.

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