Everything you need to know about Cricket 07 Patches & How you can Download 100+ Patches (Including the Latest & Premium Ones)


We are in the 2021 & if you are still looking for cricket 07 patches then you are one of the die heart fan of EA’s Cricket 2007 game. In this post, you’ll get to know how you can download over 100+ cricket 07 patches. All of the cricket 07 mods listed below provide authentic & realistic gaming experience, & comes with features that we’ll enhance your old Cricket 07 game. Excited? Ok, let’s dive in…

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Whether you are looking for a single cricket 07 patch for the EA Cricket 07 game or the list of cricket 07 patches or only the best cricket 07 patches then you’ve landed right. This is the only guide you need…

Now, before we dig into the list, let’s start with one awesome fact:

EA Sports Cricket 07 game has more than 10M Downloads. (4M+ on Softonic alone and on other Sites, it has more than 6M Downloads)

The above fact isn’t that surprising. But, what’s surprising is the numbers that we found on Google Trends. Yes, the data on GT, illustrates that the terms like cricket 07, ea sports cricket 07, and ea sports cricket 2007, etc have a huge search volume over the past 12 months on google.

*Note: You can cross check it on google trends.

Anyway, if we dig deep into it, here’s what we get…

For the Popular Term Cricket 07, most searches come from States like Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. For another Popular Term EA Sports Cricket, most searches come from States like Kerala, Chandigarh, Odisha, Haryana, and Bihar.

Now that you know about the data, it’s most likely that you are visiting this post from one of these locations, Right?
Just some keyword research and common sense. Hahaha

Jokes apart, here’s what we’ll cover in this article…

Topics covered in this article:

A Quick Overview of Cricket 07 Patches

The only reason cricket 07 patches still exists is because the core game along with patches outranks the latest graphic intense cricket games. Some of gamers prefer playing the classic edition while most look for the modified edition also known as patches.

Let’s flip the chapters a little…

Way back in the year 2006, cricket gamers felt bad about the discontinuation of the cricket series by EA Sports. (Yes, Ea discontinued making cricket games & their last one was Cricket 07)

Gamers desired more cricket games by EA as many giant companies were only publishing football and other games. And because of this, some of smart’s started mining into the cricket 07 game and found the possibility of modifying the game features.

After a couple of years later, a patch arrived into the gaming world by the name CRICKET 2008 which was an unofficial patch made by modders. It just contained updated kits, stadiums, a little tweak in the gameplay, new roster and a little more stuff. This Cricket 08 patch gained some traction of cricket gamers in the Asian countries.

And after this, the number of patches were increasing day by day as Cricket 2008 patch brought new opportunities for the patch modders. As of today, there are over 100+ patches released (more on this below)

Although most of us are now aware about the patches but if in case you are not, & still wondering what are patches?

Then, here’s the answer. A patch is simply a set of changes or rather say modifications to a game & its supporting data which is designed to update, fix, or improve the core edition. In short, you can say, that patches are just (unofficial) updates, designed to provide a little different taste in the cricket 07 game.

Now that you know what Patches are, let’s move on the it’s variations i.e Types of Cricket 07 Patches.

The 4 Types of Cricket 07 Patches Everyone is looking for

In cricket 07 modding, almost everything is called a patch, be it an overlay, stadium or kits. But these are the child (smaller ones), and therefore people are mostly looking for patches such as

1) Mega Patches (also known as All in one patches)
2) International Patches
3) Domestic Patches
4) Series Patches (some call it as cricket 07 series patches)

It’s likely that you already know about this. If not, here’s the short description of each.

Mega Patches

A Mega patch is a complete package of all the little ones. Compiled with several latest tournaments, jerseys of all teams, squads, stadiums, player faces, tons of overlays and a lot more. It’s the most loved among all as it’s the complete package.

In these patches, you can play several international tournaments, some domestic leagues, championships, tours and series, and exhibition matches.

While it gives you the utmost experience, it creates a pain in the ass of the creator as it’s the hardest to make. Yes, you heard that right. Mega patches are the hardest to create for any modder and that’s the only reason very few mega patches are released since 2007.

International patches

The name tells it all. An International Patch purely focuses on the international tournaments(ICC) which are played at a global level. These patches comes with all the updated kits, rosters, player faces, stadiums, etc but for one particular tournament only. Meaning, in these international patches, you can play one particular international tournament and exhibition matches only.

Domestic Patches

It’s almost similar to the above one. Domestic patches focuses on the domestic leagues like IPL, BBL, etc which are country specific. These patches also comes with updated stuffs but for one particular domestic league only.

Tours and Series Patches

A Series Patch is simply based on bilateral series format that is played between two countries/teams at a particular location. These patches also comes with updated stuffs but for one particular series only.

List of 10 Best Cricket 07 Patches so far

Ea Sports Cricket 2021 Game for PC

When talking about best patches, the one name that flashes is hd studioz. Yes, cricket 07 patches by HD Studioz are mostly loved by many and they are considered as the top modders.

A2 Studios and a few other modders have also made their best ones, so let’s take a look at best cricket 07 patches so far…

1. Cricket 2021 REWIND by A2 & HD Studioz
2. Vivo IPL 2021 #Apna Mantra Patch
3. International Cricket 2020 by HD Studioz
4. Dream11 IPL 2020 Patch by HD Studioz
5. HD Cricket 2019 by HD Studioz
6. Cricket 2018 by Rofijee
7. Cricket 2017 by Rofijee
8. ICC World T20 2016 by A2 Studios
9. SRT Cricket 2015 by GM Studioz
10. Cricket 2012 by A Unit Studios

Out of all these, Cricket 2021 REWIND is one regarded as of the best cricket 07 patch which comes with a ton of features and a complete unique experience. Other than Cricket 2021, patches by Rofijee are also one of it’s kind. Great gameplay and truly enjoyable.

Quick Note: All of the above listed 10 Best Cricket 07 Patches and many more will be available on InsideCricSport website. Some are available and many more are yet to come. You can join the waitlist to get notified.

Although not included in the list but a few more Honorable Mentions of Top patches:

1] Planet Cricket 2019
2] MSD Cricket 2018 by HD Studioz
3] RD The Wall Cricket 2016
4] ICC World Cup 2015 by GM Studioz
5] ICC World Cup 2011 Patch by A2 Studios

Cricket 07 Patches Released in Year 2020-2021

Even though the covid situations disturbed a lot of things, but thankfully, modding was not affected by it and hence over 20+ patches have been released in year 2020-2021.

Here’s the complete list of cricket 07 patches 2020-21…

1] ICC World Test Championship 2020
2] International Cricket 2020 by HD Studioz
3] Cricket 2020 Unleashed by HQ Studios
4] Dream11 IPL 2020 (Avenging) by HD Studioz
5] Dream11 IPL 2020 (Payback) by A2 Studios
6] Dream11 IPL 2020 (Slowdown) by HM Studioz
7] Dream11 IPL 2020 (Ab Khel Bolega) by Syed Stuffs
8] Dream11 IPL 2020 by A1 Studioz
9] Special IPL & PSL 2020 Edition by HD Studioz
10] Champions League T20 2020
11] Legendary Series 2020 Patch
12] HBL PSL T20 2020
13] KFC BBL T20 2020 by KP
Cricket 2021 REWIND Mega Patch by A2 & HD Studioz
15] Vivo IPL 2021 (Apna Mantra) by A2 & HD Studioz
16] United Studioz IPL Legends 2021
17] India vs England 2021 (Back Home) by A2 & HD Studioz
18] India tour of England 2021 by HM Studioz
19] Ind tour of Aus 2021 (Made of Rivalry)
20] Ind tour of Aus 2021 (Rivalry Cricket) by HD Studioz
21] Ind tour of Aus 2021 Series by A1
22] Ind tour of Aus 2021 Series by HM Studioz

*Note: All of the above listed patches will be available on our site. You can join the waitlist to get notified.

Snapshots of some of the Finest Cricket 2007 Patches

Cricket 2021 REWIND Edition by A2 and HD Studioz is the best patch for cricket 07. It’s a paid patch available on InsideCricSport Store. You can buy it at discounted price here.

Cricket 2021 Mega Patch, Vivo IPL 2021 #Apna Manta, IPL Legends by United Studioz, are some of the latest released cricket 07 patches in the year 2021.

How you can Download Over 100+ Cricket 07 Patches for FREE?

After the end of Cricket games by EA Sports in 2006-2007, modders started developing patches for this game. Even in 2021, patches are being released every-now and then.

When calculated, over 100+ patches published in the last decade. Sounds great, isn’t it?

When calculated, over 100+ patches published in the last decade. Sounds great, isn’t it?

You can buy some of the paid patches from our Store. Along with that, you can also download all the free ones. Sounds great, isn’t it?

But as we mentioned, over 100+ are there, so it will take a little time for us to publish all the patches.

Just a small note: Most of the patches will be free to download.

Now, here’s the simple 2 step guide to join the waitlist…

Step 1: Visit this link and enter your details

Step 2: Next, if you are redirected to a thank-you page that means you’ve successfully joined the waitlist. Now, just relax.

That’s it. We’ll send all the further updates on your email address. Please note, we won’t spam. Only useful emails, period.

Final Words on Cricket 07 Patches

If you in a hurry, then you’ll need to browser tons of sites to find the right one. A better choice would be to simply to join the waitlist, and get patches directly in your inbox.

So, if you want to make a better move, Click here to join the waitlist.

Thanks for passing by. Make sure to bookmark us for more cricket 07 patches related updates in the near future.

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