7 Awesome Mods for EA Sports Cricket 07 Game [Free Download]

Ever wondered How many mods/patches have been released for EA Sports Cricket 2007 game? No, then here we have a list of 7 Awesome Cricket 07 Patches that you must try. Download link is provided for each mod, so read the info and download the patches for free!


It’s 2020 now but still the craze for EA Sports Cricket 2007 game hasn’t faded away. I know almost each and every gamer has played Cricket 07 game on their PC by applying the latest released cricket 07 patches/mods and other kinds of stuff, Right?

Dear Visitor, It’s most likely that you are visiting this post from Locations such as Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, or UP and if you are not from here then I’m damn 1000% sure that you are from either Kerala, Chandigarh, Odisha, Haryana or Bihar. I’m I Right?

If Yes, then continue reading as I’ll let you know how I know your location. Just clearing that, I or Team ICS is not tracking you πŸ™‚

Moving on…

7 Awesome Mods for EA Sports Cricket 07 Game

You may have downloaded & installed a number of mods, but still, you may be looking for the top ones, Right? So today, I’m gonna break down 7 Awesome Cricket 07 Patches for EA Sports Cricket 07 Game that you must try!

You can get Cricket 07 Game here.

No one can deny the fact that EA Sports Cricket 2007 Game is one of the Best Cricket Game for PC, and hence we have rated it #No.3 Position on our list of Best Cricket Games for PC.

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Now, before I dig into the list, here are some awesome numbers:

  • EA Sports Cricket 07 has more than 7M Downloads. (4M+ on Softonic alone and On Other Sites, it has more than 3M Downloads)

The above data really doesn’t surprise me. But, what does is the numbers I found on Google Trends. Just look at the data below.

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The above data clearly illustrates that the terms like cricket 07, ea sports cricket 07, and ea sports cricket 2007 have a huge search volume over the past 12 months on google.

And if we dig deep into it, here’s what we get:


For the Popular Term Cricket 07, most searches come from States like Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. For another Popular Term EA Sports Cricket, most searches come from States like Kerala, Chandigarh, Odisha, Haryana, and Bihar.

Now, this is how I know that you are from these regions. Just some keyword research and common sense. Hahaha…

Anyways, now before I share my list of Top 7 Awesome Cricket 07 Patches, I would like to share the number of games EA Sports have released so far in Sports/Cricket Category.

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EA Sports Cricket Games Released so far

Here’s the genuine list of EA Sports Cricket Games released so far (Officially)

  • Cricket 96
  • Cricket 97
  • Cricket World Cup 99
  • Cricket 2000
  • Cricket 2002
  • Cricket 2004
  • Cricket 2005
  • Cricket 2007

Now, if you are wondering where’s EA Sports Cricket 2018 or EA Sports Cricket 2019 on the list. For that my simple answer is: Launch of EA Sports Cricket 2019 was a hoax created by some popular websites just to gain traffic.

EA Sports haven’t released any cricket game after their popular Cricket 07. We’ll discuss some other day, Why EA Sports stopped producing more cricket games.

For now, let us focus on what’s available i.e cricket 07 patches

7 Awesome Cricket 07 Patches (Free Download)

Planet Cricket 2019 Phase 1 & Phase 2


I’m sure you know about the popular forum website planet cricket. If yes, great, and if no, you must visit the site and signup now.

The PC Team has developed 2 New Mega patch under their own name PC19 and has released their mod last year in the Summer Season.

Some of the Key Features of Planet Cricket 2019 Phase 1

  • Tournaments like Asia Cup 18, Nidahas trophy 2018, WC 2019, ICC tournaments, Rivalry Series, etc.
  • Very Hard & Tough Gameplay at 3-4 Star
  • New 2019 Jukebox provided along with Stoke Variations.
  • New Field Setups added to make your game more challenging
  • New Pitchads and Planet Cricket Original Stumps
  • Updated Rosters and High-Quality Faces as usual.

Some of the Key Features of Planet Cricket 2019 Phase 2

  • New High Umpire Model provided
  • New HD BATS included along with Stoke Variations
  • Updated Stadiums with New Structure & Crowds + HQ Player Model
  • Domestic League/Tournaments like Vivo IPL 2019, BBL 19, PSL 19, CPL 19, etc.

Planet Cricket Developers have made this patch very hard for batting lovers and hence gets less appreciation and more criticism.

But in my opinion, it’s one of the best patches for cricket 07. It does have some flaws but still, it’s a highly rated game that you should try. Check out Ea Sports Cricket 2019.

HD Studioz Cricket 2019 [V1 & V2]

Talking about HD Studioz, they are one of my favorite modders in this cricket 07 industry. I have been playing cricket 07 by applying mods but the most number of mods that I have applied so far are from Team Hd Studioz.

Last year i,e in 2019, right after the release of planet cricket’s 19, team HD Studioz released their Cricket 2019 V1 and after that V2.

HD Studioz Cricket 2019

Here are Key Features of HD Studioz Cricket 2019 V1

  • Tournaments like Vivo IPL 2019, KFC BBL 2019, PSL 2019, CPL 2018, NIDAHAS TROPHY 2018, ICC TEST CHAMPIONSHIP
  • New Kits provided with High Detailed Graphics
  • New Stadiums added such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Rajkot, etc with highly detailed graphics
  • Rosters with new young faces and transfers updated (2019)
  • Genuine Fixtures along with A new Gameplay patch
  • New Zoomed Camera angle
  • Ads on such as Overlays, Kits, etc provided – 14 Overlays provided

Here are Key Features of HD Studioz Cricket 2019 V2

  • Tournaments like Asia Cup 2018, ICC Test Championship, BPL 2018, MSL 2018, T10 League 2018, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
  • New 4K Batpack 2019 is used & correctly assigned to the players
  • Enhanced Gameplay – Realistic Edges, Extra Bounce, etc features
  • HD Faces & Updated Domestic Rosters included
  • Unique Umpires with high O model
  • Contains Some Features of V1

The Graphics provided in this Cricket 2019 game is truly amazing and would recommend you to Download this Game and Try it. Also, let me know your feedback about this game.

ICC World Cup 2019 by A2 Studios

The latest released mod by team A2 Studios after their Vivo IPL 2019 is this ICC World Cup 2019 Mod. Just after the dramatic finale of the World Cup, A2 Studios released this mod.

If you want to enjoy only the World Cup then this is the mod for you. It’s a Mini patch and comes with World Cup Updates only.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Game

Here are Key Features of ICC CWC19 Mod

  • World Cup 2019 Broadcasting logo’s
  • New Updated England Stadiums along with WC 2019 HD Pitchads & Led WC 2019 Stumps
  • World Cup 19 Overlays [Vd quint overlays are used]
  • New 2019 HD Faces + HD Bats, etc included
  • New 2019 Roster with updated transfers + Enhanced Gameplay & better graphics.
  • Provides Realistic World Cup 2019 Look and Feel

It’s also one of the best mods that you should definitely try. You can download this game from InsideCricSport.

Vivo IPL 2019 Slogfest by A2 Studios

Well, who can deny IPL and IPL games, especially in India? I guess no one. So here we have the latest IPL 2019 Slogfest mod developed by Team A2 Studios.

The modding studios – A2 Studios ensures that their patches are loaded with new and exciting features. What they have added in this Slog Fest 2019? Let’s take a look…

Vivo IPL Cricket Game 2019 Pc game

Here are Key Features of Vivo IPL 2019 Slogfest

  • IPL 2019 Complete Tournament provided with Latest Team Logos
  • Accurately designed IPL Kits for all IPL 8 Teams + Updated IPL Roster
  • Genuine Fixture of IPL 2019 Tournament + New Camera Angles + New Player Bats
  • New IPL Stadiums provided such as Wankhede, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, etc along with Highly detailed Graphics
  • New HD Overlay Graphics + Perfect 20-20 format along with Powerplay
  • Player Faces [100+ new player faces of 2019 version]

It’s also one of the latest and best mods that one should try. There are many more things to explore in this IPL patch.

Roffijee Cricket 2018 – One of the Top-rated Mod

It’s one of the most downloaded patch in Cricket 07 industry. Roffijee modder has released only 2 Mods, one is Cricket 2017 released in 2017-2018 and the second is this Cricket 2018.

Cricket 2018 is also a Mega Patch that comes with various features that are listed below. It’s a high rated mod and also one of the most loved mod. Accurately developed by a modder named Roffijee.


Here are Key Features of Cricket 2018

  • Tournaments like ICC World Cup T20 2016, Carlton Mid ODI/T20 Series, ICC Champions Trophy 2017, International Test Series (2018), Cricket 2018 Tournaments (1&2), World Super League
  • Mega Stadium pack provided along with Realistic Outfields and Gameplay patch
  • Different Rosters provided according to the tournaments
  • New 4K Batpack provided + High-Quality O models used to make players look slim & fit
  • Stroke Variation & New Field Setup’s provided for challenging gameplay
  • Improved Camera angles and Enhanced Gameplay
  • New Jukebox added and boundary music provided

There are many more features that you can explore in all of the mods provided on this list.

HD Studioz MSD Cricket 2018 [V1, V2, V3]

Another mindblowing and worth trying game by HD Studioz. Back in 2018, they released this game for ea sports cricket 07 fans which later became one of the top-rated Mega patches.

From the name, it suggests that it’s dedicated to Mahi. And yes, it is. HD Studioz MSD Cricket 2018 comes in 3 different versions.

  • Version 1 – International package
  • Version 2 – Tours & Series package
  • Version 3 – Scenarios package.

All three Different Versions come with different tournaments. Here I have listed down some of the tournaments that you’ll be getting in this Huge Patch – MSD Cricket 2018.

  • Vivo IPL Season 10
  • HBL PSL 2017 Edition
  • Asia Cup T20 2016
  • All-Stars Cricket 2017-18
  • ICC Test Championship [1&2]
  • ICC Champions Trophy 2017
  • KFC BBL 2016-2017
  • The Ashes [2017-18 version]
  • The Rivalry Series [Ind vs Pak]

Here are Key Features of MSD Cricket 2018

  • High-Quality Latest Kits for all Domestic and International Teams
  • A power-pack of REALISTIC STADIUMS + Different Rosters for Different Tournaments provided
  • HD Pitchads, New Stumps & Amazing Outfields + Genuine fixtures for most of the tournaments.
  • New 4K Batpack added for the ultimate gaming
  • All-new gameplay patch included which provides unique and realistic gameplay.
  • The three versions of this Ultimate patch is divided into International package, tours and series packages and scenarios package!
  • The most awaited Rivalry Series is available for this patch – IND VS PAK, you will get complete Series of 3 tests, 5 ODI’s and a T20 international match, all in the Pakistan home ground – Dubai.

Seriously, It’s among the best cricket 07 patches and I would rate it higher than Cricket 2018 by Rofijee.

Additional note: This mega patch was a paid one when team HD Studioz released it, later they made it free.

Thankful to HD Studioz that they are providing such amazing mods for free. EA Sports Cricket 07 fans are always delighted when they release their game. Every year they release their Mega and Mini patch, so make sure to try all the patches released by HD Studioz.

Get this Mod here: MSD CR18 Free Download

Cricket 2012 by A Unit Studios


The only Mega patch released by A unit Studios. Even though it’s so old patch, but it deserves to be on this list of 7 Awesome Cricket 07 Patches.

It was probably the FIRST and the most SUCCESSFUL EA Sports Cricket Patch. The modders of this patch completely changed the game.

After the release of this mod, more people started playing this old ea sports cricket 07 again, and also, this mod is the reason for a number of modders in the Cricket 07 field.

Here are Key Features of EA Cricket 2012

  • Biggest Patch ever – comes with more than 2500 files
  • New Kits provided with High Detailed Graphics for All International teams
  • New Stadiums added such as Mumbai, Chennai, Abu Dhabi,  etc with detailed graphics
  • HD Batpack + Facepack + Graphics + Rosters, etc updated
  • The new Gameplay patch is included along with different Camera angles
  • Player Editor + Enhanced Gameplay
  • Different & New Overlays provided for different tournaments

A lot more in this Cricket 2012 patch that you can recall and enjoy. I would recommend you download & play this amazing mega patch and enjoy the stroke variation feature. I like that…

Over to You

There are a huge number of patches available for this EA Sports Cricket 07 game, but here, I have listed down my 7 Best Cricket 07 Patches.

I hope, no one gets offended, and hence I clear that this is my own list so it may vary for you guys.

I didn’t provide the links to the sites from where you can download these mods for ea sports cricket 2007 game because most of the sites are penalized by Google. Although a few are available like HD Studioz, RK Cricket Studios, and Mega Cricket Studios. You can search for them on Google.

Anyways, Let me know in the comments which one cricket 07 patch is your favorite?

Also, let me know if I have missed any potential patch and haven’t listed in these 7 Awesome mods for the ea sports cricket 07 list…

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