15 Best Cricket Games for Android [Fresh List 2020]

Looking for Best Cricket Games in 2020? Here’s a Fresh list of 15 Best Cricket Games for Android that you can download from PlayStore for FREE!


Cricket fever in Indian is always as high as the temperature in some of our Indian States like Rajasthan. The legendary sport “Cricket” receives an exceptional enthusiasm in our country, and people of our country just don’t miss a chance to convert any place into a mini playground for a quick game of cricket with their own rules and regulations.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments. I know you & me, almost all, have grown up playing Gully Cricket where we are pro cricketers with highest runs in any season.

One interesting fact I would like to mention here is, even when we are playing the match, the one who got out or his batting is yet to come, both are playing either cricket games or PubG on their smartphones. Right?

Jokes apart, Time and Time again, gamers often look for best cricket games for android, best cricket games for pc, ps4, etc, etc.

What I find strange is even when the people or rather say a gamer is playing one of the best cricket game in the world, they tend to look for more and make searches like the best cricket game in the world, et.

And some smarties do a pro search by putting the current year after the search term. For eg: Best cricket games for android 2020.

Maybe you are one of them 🙂

Pretty Interesting to know that people have a great curiosity to know which are the best cricket games for android, pc, and also play-station.

In one of our posts, we already provided you the list of best cricket games for pc, and in this post, we’ll let you know the list of 15 best cricket games for android.

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Now before I start my lengthy list of best cricket games, I would like to share that InsideCricSport also provides information about the upcoming Indian Premier League.

Here you can read some useful Updates:

Best Cricket Games for Android in 2020

The below-provided list of best cricket games for android should be considered as of Todays’s competition and features that the game developer provides.

While I’m writing this post, the games that are currently ranking #No.1, #No.2 on the list may drop down to #No.3 or even below over the period of time, as the competition is immense and developers are investing their money and time to make their product i.e games better than others.

For that sake, I’m not ranking any of these Games. You must simply consider them as the Best Cricket Games that have been developed for android so far.

So, with that being said, let’s dive in…

Here are 15 Best Cricket Games for Android in 2020 that you can Free Download from the links provided. Click on the one you wish to read first.

  1. World Cricket Championship 2
  2. Real Cricket 19
  3. Big Bash Cricket
  4. World of Cricket
  5. Sachin Saga Cricket Game
  6. Cricket Captain 2019
  7. Hitwicket – Cricket Strategy Game
  8. World Cricket Championship Lt
  9. Epic Cricket – Big League Game
  10. Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepuk 2
  11. Beach Cricket
  12. Cricket Career
  13. Real Cricket Test Match
  14. Gully Cricket Game 2019
  15. MSD World Cricket Bash

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

Well, no need to introduce this game as World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best Cricket games for Android that really doesn’t require any introduction or appreciation.

This game is so popular & well designed that it’s an Editors Pick game. Don’t believe me, then go and check it out.

The game brings an abundance of features including versatile shot selection including the less traditional ones but they are loved by gamers. For eg: Helicopter shot, upper-cut, paddle sweep, Dil-scoop and more

WCC2 Game [Source]

Other than batting features such as 150 batting animations, this game also offers 28 different bowling actions with a lot of control over the deliveries you bowl making bowling as interesting as batting.

It also includes the action of yorker kings i.e Lasith Malinga and my favorite Jassi paaji. I mean Jasprit Bumrah of Mumbai Indians🙂

One of the best things about this game is that it brings all the advanced features found in modern cricket.

For eg: Including the review system based on ultra-edge, hawk-eye, hot-spot, Rain Interruption, D/L Method, etc makes the game even realistic just like Cricket 19 or Ea Cricket 07.

WCC2: Random Positive Review

Finally, the game brings 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, 42 different stadiums to play on. Just note that the game is a little heavy on resources and graphics so you will need a good phone to enjoy the game in all its glory.

There are 40+ different camera angels with a little bit of professional English and Hindi commentary which most don’t like.

Features like Night mode with LED stumps, Misfielding, stunning wicketkeeper catches, quick stumping and tight 3rd umpire decision never fail to create a realistic cricketing experience.

There are some in-app purchases that range from Rs.15 to Rs.3,550 per item but thankfully most of the features are free to play.

Here’s PlayStore Data of WCC2:

  • Version
  • 2M + Reviews [4.4 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 361 MB
  • Last Updated on 9th Dec 2019
  • Offered by Nextwave Multimedia
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+ Wait Don’t Count, it’s 50M+ Downloads 🙂

Now, Install WCC2 for Free

Real Cricket 19 (RC19)

Real Cricket 19 [Source]

Real Cricket 19 is one of the top competitors of the WCC2 game. Also, it has received an award “Most Competitive Game of 2018” – Google Play

You can find many videos on Youtube on this Hot topic WCC2 vs Real Cricket 19. Anyways, let me share more about this game…

First of all, let me clear that Real Cricket 19 is simply an update of their Real Cricket 18 which means it retains all the old features but is improved and bugs are fixed.

Their core feature is Real-Time Multiplayer along with super customization.

The game has smooth 3D gameplay and has additional features like Stump mic audio, Wicket celebration (most loved by fans) and DRS system for realistic as well as serious cricket action.

RC19: Random Positive Review

It also offers Different Batting Types such as Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute, each with their unique cricket shots and aggression levels.

Additionally, you can choose your preferred time of play for eg: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk and Night timings.

Talking about tournaments, Real Cricket™ 19 has 16 Different World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup and Premier Leagues including the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricket and Caribbean Premier League.

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Along with Ultra edge, Hotspot, Snickometer, they have also introduced features similar to WCC2 i.e Rain Interruptions resulting in DLS results. This game is a little bigger in size i.e 454 MB so you need good space.

One of the top features they have recently introduced is the Auction and World Cup 2019 with the Selectors Meeting.

It’s the only Mobile Cricket Game in the world to allow users to participate in the IPL Auction building their own Dream XI. Since this feature got heard amongst gamers, the number of downloads has increased ridiculously.

Here’s PlayStore Data of Real Cricket 19:

  • Version 2.9
  • 815K + Reviews [4.2 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 454 MB
  • Last Updated on 9th Dec 2019
  • Offered by Nautilus Mobile
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ Wait Don’t Count, it’s 10M+ Downloads 🙂

Install Real Cricket 19 for Free!

Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is an official game of BBL and WBBL game developed by one of the finest Nextwave Multimedia (Creators of WCC2) and is another super realistic + unique cricket game in this list of best cricket games for android.

The Big Bash Cricket game is inspired by KFC Big Bash League, a domestic T-20 tournament played in Australia during summers. Just as IPL to India, BBL to Australia.

The best part about this game is that as this is an official game, the team roaster is always up-to-date means realistic players’ names which allows you to use your favorite players & then get into the action!

Big Bash Cricket [Source]

This is the only game that features both gender’s cricket. It has stunning graphics and instinctively gives you a realistic cricket experience.

The graphics are really great and there are no controls. All you need to do is SWIPE! The play is fast and batsman hit interesting shots that are only possible in T-20 cricket.

It feels like its almost a carbon copy of the real BBL game. Here’s why: a) It will give you eight teams to choose from, b) has players with authentic names as it’s licensed, c) gives a 360-degree ground experience.

What makes this Big Bash Cricket game different is that you can literally play any shot that is possible in T20 Cricket.

Further, it offers three easy modes that you choose between. They are a Quick Match, Tournament, and a Challenge.

Of all the games on this list, this is the one I have enjoyed playing the most. My younger brother just loves this game and play this game the most.

The reason is addictive graphics. Honestly speaking, the animations and ease of play make this game one of the best cricket games for android. I recommend to the one who is looking for a quick, fast, and easy game of cricket on their android.

Big Bash Cricket: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of Big Bash Cricket Game:

  • Version 2.1
  • 57K + Reviews [4.3 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 237 MB
  • Last Updated on 26th Dec 2019
  • Offered by Nextwave Multimedia
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ [1M+ Downloads]

Install Big Bash Cricket For Free!

World of Cricket

World of Cricket gives you the best cricket gaming experience with it’s fun (cartoony) and exciting gameplay. Don’t think that the word cartoony means it’s a low-quality game, it has 10M+ Downloads. So, it’s worth trying.

There are not much but handy 25 amazing shots that you can play, that too, with flair. Bowling is pretty good too with different actions and few bowling options.

In this game, either you can invite your friends or go against real players in online multiplayer mode. The victory in this challenging game totally depends on your skills.

There are different modes available such as Quick Play, T20 Cup, Test Match, Multiplayer, etc.

World of Cricket [Source]

Along with professional commentary and ambient sounds for the ground, it also offers Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches and quick throws to surprise the opponent.

Really, the AI-controlled fielders take some awe-inspiring diving catches which make the game extra enjoyable. I personally like this feature the most.

As I mentioned above, the graphics here are a little more cartoony and some of you modern gamers might not find it to your taste.

World of Cricket: Random Positive Review

Also, since the game is not licensed with any team, the players’ names are not accurate.

The game is amazing and you will enjoy playing it, however, if you care about the little-little details, then you might want to skip this one.

Matter of fact, it has 10M+ downloads and one of the best parts of this game is it’s super lightweight. Just 15 MB!

Here’s PlayStore Data of World of Cricket Game:

  • Version 9.5
  • 75K + Reviews [4.0 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 15 MB
  • Last Updated on 18th Nov 2019
  • Offered by AppOn Innovate
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M+ Downloads]

Install World of Cricket for Free!

Sachin Saga Cricket Game

Sachin Saga Cricket Game [Source]

Sachin Saga Cricket Game is also among one of the best cricket games for android users, especially for Master Blaster fans. The game focuses on the life story and the cricketing career of a player. Here you get a chance to continue the legacy of Sachin Tendulkar.

Meaning: You will start your journey as a young 16-year-old Sachin and live through his glorious cricketing career of 24 years. Looks great…

Sachin’s avatar has 28 different shots to play including Sachin’s famous straight drive, uppercut, cover drive and many more.

It’s simply a 3D Mobile Cricket game with high-quality graphics. There are 6 different modes to choose, which includes One-Day, Test, T20, World Cup, Premier League, and domestic cricket.

Sachin Saga: Random Positive Review

Additionally, you can also play real-time multiplayer battles and compete against real players online or invite your friends to play against you.

It also features Dynamic camera angles that allow you to revive cricket shots from the best view. Also, the Replay camera gives an amazing experience of the shot in slow motion.

The best of this game is it contains fewer Ads and one can create or rather say recreate epic cricketing scenarios in this game.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then head over to youtube and search for RK cricket studios or RK studios, you’ll find his creativity. Similarly, a youtube channel with name Amit-YTC has recreated a scenario in this game. You can watch it here.

Here’s PlayStore Data of Sachin Saga Cricket Game:

  • Version 1.2.11
  • 302K + Reviews [4.1 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 111 MB
  • Last Updated on 24th Oct 2019
  • Offered by JetSynthesys Inc
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M+ Downloads]

Install Sachin Saga for Free!

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Cricket Captain 2019

The good news is, Cricket Captain 2019 is a free one. Unlike Cricket Captain 2018, Cricket Captain 2019 doesn’t require Rs.450 for Installation. But, it does have in-app purchases.

This is a real-time strategy game for cricket enthusiasts who follow each and every detail of the game.

The game allows you to select the country that you want to start your career from and then rise in the ranks as you play and win games. You can hire players, manage their contracts and trade them to build your team – means you are the boss.

Cricket Captian 2019 [Source]

Cricket Captain 2019 also features a full database update (over 7,000 players, including every historical international player), with the improved player generation, balancing stats from all match types.

The latest changes to all domestic structures have been added…

Point to note here is, this game is very vast and it’s not for someone who is just looking to pass time. In order to rise in the ranks, you will have to invest quite a lot of time and effort here to build the best team & win the games.

Cricket Captian 2019: Random Positive Review

Please Note: As this game has just launched (Jun 2019), it doesn’t have many reviews. But still, it managed to get 100K+ Installs. So it’s worth trying this game.

Here’s PlayStore Data of Cricket Captain 2019 Game:

  • Version 0.51
  • 5K + Reviews [3.2 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 169 MB
  • Last Updated on 16th Jun 2019
  • Offered by Childish Things
  • Downloads: 100,000+ [100K + Downloads]

Install Cricket Captain 2019

Hitwicket – Cricket Strategy Game

Hitwicket [Source]

Hitwicket is like another cricket strategy game which makes it to our list of 15 best cricket games for android. Here the player can create his own cricket team, purchase players in the auction, sell players for cash, play tournaments, leagues, normal matches, and compete with players from all over the world.

In this strategy cricket game, you have to choose the right 11 for the match and best strategy according to the ground, opponent; for instance, play aggressive or normal or defense.

If you don’t wanna be a player, then you can play this game as here you are the manager of all players.

It provides features such as IPL-Style Auction, Advanced Match Simulation, Training, Multiplayer Game Mode, customization and much more.

Hitwicket_ Review
Hitwicket: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of this Hitwicket Cricket Game:

  • Version 3.0.53
  • 5K + Reviews [3.2 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 73 MB
  • Last Updated on 6th Nov 2019
  • Offered by Hitwicket Cricket Games
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ [1M + Downloads]

Also Note: This company has released a new game “Hitwicket Superstars” which has more than 500,000+ Downloads within few months of Release and has 4.2 Ratings. You can try this game as well.

Install Hitwicket Cricket Strategy | Install Hitwicket Superstars

World Cricket Championship Lt

World Cricket Championship is another free & one of the best cricket games for android users which is developed by the popular Nextwave Multimedia for low specs devices.

When you’ll play this game, you will notice that it has some similarities with WCC2. The interesting fact is that the game WCC2 is an upgraded version of this game.

This is one of the best replacement for Android gamers whose device doesn’t run WCC2 smoothly. Try this game, it works amazingly on low specs devices.

WCC Lt [Source]

This game provides high-quality graphics with smooth control in the file size of just 47 MB. It was released on 6th Jun 2011 but has been improved and updated. Surprisingly, the last update was on 28th Jan 2020.

It comes with the pack of three most electrifying cricket games in the world…

They are World Cricket Championship, World Premiere League and Super Fantasy Cricket League.

A professional commentary makes the stadium come alive. Along with the slow-motion feature, it also provides a wide range of cricket shots to enjoy the massive sixes. You can also challenge your friends in multiplayer mode to test your skills.

The game has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store…

WCC Lt: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of WCC Lt:

  • Version 5.6.4
  • 713K + Reviews [4.2 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 47 MB
  • Last Updated on 28th Jan 2020
  • Offered by Nextwave Multimedia
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M + Downloads]

Install WCC Lt for Free!

Epic Cricket – Big League Game

Epic Cricket [Source]

Next on the list of best cricket games for android is a cricket game with decent HD graphics and a feature to play your favorite format in both the ODI and T-20 formats.

The game provides Following Features: HD quality visuals with life-like international players, Full match live commentary, A full repertoire of modern batting and bowling styles (from reverse sweep to helicopter shot, and googly to doosra), Players with matching capabilities to international stars and contains All major Cricket playing nations.

I had a decent experience with this game, I can’t say that it’s the best, but just because of the number of downloads which is more than 10M + and good ratings, I have kept this game on this list. You can figure it out by yourself.

Epic Cricket: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of Epic Cricket Game:

  • Version 2.73
  • 126K + Reviews [4.1 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 92 MB
  • Last Updated on 22nd Jan 2020
  • Offered by Nazara Games Ltd
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M + Downloads]

Install Epic Cricket Game for Free!

Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepuk 2

If you are a CSK Fan [I’m sure you are :)] then this game is for you. Nothing to say more about the game as the name speaks it all…

You can check the updated 2020 Squad of the Chennai Super Kings Team here.

You own CSK Team, one of the best T20 teams! Your best players include; Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, and other greats, led by none other than the most successful captain India has ever had… the one and only Captain Cool, MS Dhoni!

CSK Battle Of Chepuk 2 [Source]

Select your playing 11 (it’s not going to be easy to decide who to leave out!), and get ready to conquer Chepauk, the stadium that has seen too many historic battles and victories on its hallowed grounds. Here, you get a chance to create history.

The game provides…

Five exciting modes to play:
• Super Over
• Super Matches
• Super Multiplayer
• Super Chase
• Super Slog

You can get detailed info about these five game modes here. In India, CSK is one of the most favorite IPL teams, no doubt and hence the fact doesn’t surprise me that this game has more than 10M + Downloads.

CSK Game: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of Chennai Super Kings Game:

  • Version 2.1.3
  • 133K + Reviews [4.4 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 54 MB
  • Last Updated on 13th Nov 2019
  • Offered by Nextwave Multimedia
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M + Downloads]

Install Chennai Super Kings Game for Free!

Beach Cricket

Almost everyone has played cricket in Gully, but have you played it on Beach? You may have, if you reside nearby Juhu Beach in Andheri, Mumbai. But for those who haven’t, NextWave multimedia have made it possible.

Beach Cricket game has 3D graphics and very simple controls, you just have to swipe the screen in the direction you want to play the shot.

There are no big-name players here rather you will find unknown cricketers just like you and me :). The game is played using the normal Cosco ball just like we used to in the past.

Beach Cricket [Source]

The game is quite simple, make a team of 11 players, make a toss and choose to bat or bowl. There are two modes to play a 5 and 10 over match.

The game is free and has more than 5 million downloads with 4.3 Ratings. If you want to just pass your time playing cricket, this is a fun one.

The Best part about this game is you don’t need to delete any of your other games or files as this is a very lite weight cricket game. Just 30 MB…

Beach Cricket: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of Beach Cricket:

  • Version 2.1.3
  • 101K + Reviews [4.3 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 30 MB
  • Last Updated on 13th Nov 2019
  • Offered by Nextwave Multimedia
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ [5M + Downloads]

Install Beach Cricket for Free!

Cricket Career 2016

Do you have it in you to become the next Cricket Legend? Do you want to live the life of a Cricket Superstar?

If yes, then Play alongside International Batting sensation Murali Vijay who will guide you throughout your career and hear the action-packed commentary by Former Indian Cricket Captain Kris Srikkanth while you dazzle the crowds in stadiums across the globe.

Cricket career 2016 by Zealcity studios is a real-time 3d cricket career simulation game that allows you to start your own cricket career from any of the 10 nations and over 300 teams across domestic leagues globally.

You can take the role of an upcoming Cricket batsman, create your own avatar and bat your way to the top of the cricket world.

Start from scratch, build your reputation with the bat and live the dream of a cricket superstar.

Cricket Carrer 2016 Game [Source]

As you perform better, you will be transferred to different teams with a higher salary and also when you start to score centuries you’ll be handed the responsibility of captainship.

It’s a super realistic game based on the true structure which lets you know the journey of a cricketer.

This game is a unique cricket game that truly deserves to be on the list of our best cricket games for android. It has more than 5M Downloads and has 4.4 Ratings. A must-try game.

Cricket Career 2016: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of Cricket Carrer 2016:

  • Version 3.3
  • 171K + Reviews [4.4 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 84 MB
  • Last Updated on 6th Nov 2017
  • Offered by Zealcity
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ [5M + Downloads]

Install Cricket Carrer for Free!

Real Cricket™ Test Match

Real Cricket Test Match [Source]

Another game by Nautilus Mobile that stands in our list of 15 best cricket games for android in 2020 is Real Cricket Test Match.

It’s one of the Top Cricket Game that focuses on Test Cricket. Real Cricket Test Match game has more than 5M downloads which indicate people have not forgotten the test cricket and have some craze for test matches.

I often watch test matches rather than T20I’s. Anyways, it’s my own interest 🙂

In this game, you can play a test series between any of the 10 Test Cricket playing nations. Also, you can participate in the most celebrated historic rivalry i.e England Vs Australia [The Ashes]

The game provides simple and intuitive controls along with fully white kits to provide the most realistic experience of a test match.

Real Cricket Test Match: Random Positive Review

Here’s PlayStore Data of this Game:

  • Version 1.0.7
  • 119K + Reviews [4.0 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 55 MB
  • Last Updated on 26th July 2019
  • Offered by Nautilus Mobile
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ [5M + Downloads]

Install Real Cricket 19 Test Match

Gully Cricket Game 2019

Time to get back into the Gully. Seriously, I love this game and one can truly get a lot of fun as its relatable to things in our real life. It’s one of my best picks in these 15 best cricket games for android.

You can play more than 100 different matches in real Indian gullys…

Break neighbor’s window panes and car windshields, hit passing auto rickshaws, Golawala, Kapuswala, knock down the doodhwala (milkman), etc. just like in a real gully cricket match.

Gully Cricket 2019 [Source]

This game has 3 Massive Game Modes: Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode, and Gully Ka Raja

1. Arcade Mode:
a) 5 Wickets – 30 Balls: Here, you have to give your best in 30 balls and try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

b) One Wicket – Unlimited Balls: Here you get a single wicket where “no maa-Kassam” works. Once you are out, you’re out.

2.Tournament Mode:
15 different Tournaments to be won: Play against various teams in and around your gully. By winning matches you earn coins by which you can Upgrade your bat, ball, and stumps to play with the best combination and win more games against tough opponents.

3.Gully Ka Raja:
Beat 15 different teams and conquer 3 different Gullys. These teams will come back and keep challenging you even after you have conquered the gully. So, you have to always keep winning to be the Raja of these Gullys. This mode challenges you to remain the undisputed King.

Gully Cricket 2019: Random Positive Review

Along with that, it provides simple gameplay, dynamic bowling system, lots of really funny moments, Authentic Gully Cricket scenarios and much more. Just play it, you’ll really feel that it’s one of the best cricket game for android.

Here’s PlayStore Data of this Game:

  • Version 1.9
  • 105K + Reviews [4.2 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 36 MB
  • Last Updated on 19th Sept 2019
  • Offered by Games2win.com
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ [5M + Downloads]

Install Gully Cricket Game for Free!

MSD: World Cricket Bash

MSD Game [Source]

The game is based on the story of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story movie which is in turn based on the real-life story of MS Dhoni. Over a period of time, this game has become immensely popular and has more than 10M Downloads with quality 4.4 Ratings.

In this game, you will be playing as Sushant Singh Rajput who is acting as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the movie and playing through important phases of his cricketing career.

Unlike other cricket games, this game is focused entirely on MSD’s career.

MSD Cricket Game: Random Positive Review

It’s quite addictive once you get into the storyline. The graphics are also good with easy controls making the game more enjoyable.

Overall, I quite like this game as I’m his fan 🙂 and would recommend that you try it out, especially if you are a die-hard fan of MSD.

Here’s PlayStore Data of MSD Game:

  • Version 15.7
  • 215K + Reviews [4.4 Ratings]
  • Download Size: 105 MB
  • Last Updated on 2nd Dec 2019
  • Offered by Hungama Games
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ [10M + Downloads]

Install MSD Cricket Game for Free!

Additional Best Cricket Games for Android

Above, I have listed down the 15 best cricket games for android but here are some more cricket games that come under the list of best cricket games for android.

These games are highly rated and popular as well…

I’ve listed them here as the post would be much longer if I have provided an overview and snapshots of reviews of these additional best cricket games for android.

I’ve played these games and would highly recommend you to try them.

Which is the Best Cricket Game in Android?

There are many cricket games available for android but here we have listed down the 15 Best Cricket Games for Android users:

1. World Cricket Championship 2
2. Real Cricket 19
3. Big Bash Cricket
4. World of Cricket
5. Sachin Saga Cricket Game
6. Cricket Captain 2019
7. Hitwicket – Cricket Strategy Game
8. World Cricket Championship Lt
9. Epic Cricket – Big League Game
10. Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepuk 2
11. Beach Cricket
12. Cricket Career
13. Real Cricket Test Match
14. Gully Cricket Game 2019
15. MSD World Cricket Bash

Which is the Best Cricket Game?

Mostly gamers use two platforms i.e Windows [PC] or Android for their gaming, so here we have listed Top 3 Cricket Games for Both Platforms.

Best Cricket Games for PC:
1. Cricket 19
2. Ashes Cricket
3. Ea Sports Cricket 07

Best Cricket Games for Android:
1.World Cricket Championship 2
2. Real Cricket 19
3. Big Bash Cricket

Which Android Cricket Game is most popular in the World?

If we compare on the basis of downloads then we will end up with 3-5 cricket games in the results but on the basis of quality and user experience & user ratings, World Cricket Championship 2 by Nextwave Multimedia is the most popular cricket game in the world that has more than 10M Downloads.

Final Thoughts

Now, most of you may not agree with my list, but as I have mentioned earlier, everyone has different opinions and choices.

So, please don’t put any negative comments…

Instead, help us to make this list of 15 Best Cricket Games for Android even better. All you need to do is provide your list of best cricket games for android in your own order.

Also, let us know In case we missed any potential game. Just write down the name of the game and we’ll do the rest…

Also, we’ll keep updating this post, so make sure you don’t miss any updates. Just subscribe to us through push notification and you are all set.

One more important thing that almost all the cricket games for android available on PlayStore are Free. So, Just go ahead and try them for yourself.

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