EA Sports HD Cricket 2019 - Original & Full Version Game for PC/Laptop
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EA Sports HD Cricket 2019 - Original & Full Version Digital Download

EA Sports Cricket 2019 PC Game

If you’re looking for Ea sports cricket 2019 download for pc, you’ve landed right. Here, you’ll get 100% genuine download links along with the ea cricket 2019 game information & installation guide. Read on to know more or else you can simply click on this below download button to download the game…

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Editorial & User Rating for this Game: 4.9/5

*Note: The Cricket 2019 PC Game available on other websites is different than ours. 

The one available here is completely different & better. You’ll get the Original & Full version – All 3 Editions of HD Cricket 2019 game which contains all sorts of tournaments like ASIA CUP, NIDAHAS TROPHY, VIVO IPL, KFC BBL, THE ASHES, PSL, ICC TEST CHAMPIONSHIP, ALL STARS along with customized Exhibition matches & a lot more. Watch the Trailer, read the description and click on proceed to download.

InsideCricSport is proud to present Ea Sports Cricket 2019 a new cricket game for PC/Laptop. It’s one of the most awaited and authentic cricket game that will give you real life experience.

*Note: Click on the Section to open and read the info

Woah! Another pc cricket game for iCS readers. As promised, we are constantly bringing the new pc games on our site & today we bring the most awaited cricket game for pc i.e EA Sports Cricket 2019. It’s no wonder that Ea sports cricket games rule the world, if not, at least the Asian countries. Anyways, if you are here for EA’s Cricket 2019 game/patch then you’ll definitely get the download links & also some interesting facts which may shock you. Interested? Keep reading or else click here to head over to ea cricket 2019 download section.

As I clearly explained the whole scenario of ea sports cricket games in our EA Sports Cricket 2020 post, that Cricket 2011, 2017, 2019 by Ea sports were nothing but a rumor. ( I highly recommend checking out this post if you want to know about the rumors that are all over the internet about EA Sports)

Anyways, we’ll do our work of providing you the game links as well as give you the complete details about the Cricket 2K19 pc game. So, stick with us and read on to get complete info about the Cricket 2019 pc game along with game download links.

For now, just know that

EA Sports stopped making cricket games after their very popular Cricket 07 game.

Yes, the above line is true. There were many logical reasons for which they (EA) needed to stop the streak and discontinue publishing more cricket games. We have already discussed it in one of our post & we’ll discuss why EA stopped cricket games in detail some other day.

But for now, keep in mind that there’s no cricket game published after Cricket 07 by Ea Sports.

Today, we are providing EA’s Cricket 2019 patch. Meaning, a modded version game for the cricket 07. The mod or rather say gaming patch is developed by the team HD Studioz. This EA Sports Cricket 2019 pc game can also be called as “HD Studioz Cricket 2019”A side note, it’s a paid game. Originally sold at Rs.149, but for iCS visitors, it’s available for Rs.69 only.

Powered by InsideCricSport, HD Cricket 2019 delivers all the major International Tours, Domestic Series and major events in the year 2018-19. Cricket 19 Features 9 major tournaments including new exhibition matches in EA Sports Cricket 07 containing all the latest stuff like the latest International & Domestic Teams with HD Kits & Accessories, New Team Logos, New Stadiums, accurate rosters, etc.

With all the latest faces, realistic 2019-2020 stadiums, accurate squads of all teams, it also features new broadcasting overlays. A new camera angle along with new gameplay is included to deliver a champions-caliper experience with closer controls towards the game engine.

One Interesting fact that I would like to share with you is, even after the release of cricket 2020, people in this year still searches for terms like

  • EA Sports Cricket 2019
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still have active trends in the google’s database. If you don’t believe me, then hop on to google trends and enter the search teams & you’ll get the proof…

The data will tell you that people from India are still interested in this game and want to download ea sports cricket 2019 game.

Also, you’ll be amazed to know that people search for the term ea cricket 2019 more than ea sports cricket 2019. Interesting, isn’t it? (By the way, I know you also searched for the same term 😉)

A Side note: This is a PC cricket game 2019, so android users who were searching for ea sports cricket 2019 for android will be disappointed. Sorry to say, but you can’t get this game or any Ea’s cricket game on your android devices.

EA Sports HD Cricket 2K19 Game Real Snapshots

Watch the Trailer Video of HD Cricket 2019

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Editorial & User Rating for this Game: 4.9/5

Requirements for Ea Sports Cricket 2019 Game

Batpack is simply the Bat files which includes the bats of players. This Cricket 2019 game works with latest batpack files. 

Cricket 2019 already comes with bat files such as MRF, CEAT, Spartan, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Nike, New Balance, TON, and many more (150+ New Bats).

We have already included & assigned the batpack files with this Ea Sports HD Cricket 2019 game. So no need to search for that. When you’ll download the game, you’ll get the batpack pre-installed.

Jukebox is basically a file that contains music, sounds, effects & plays that music/songs, effects in the game while you’re playing the match. You can listen & enjoy various pre-installed music.

Interesting fact: It has some functions by which the music is played right after you hit a boundary. So when a jukebox installed, you’ll feel it like real life cricket like IPL.

Note: Batpack is a necessary file for the game but Jukebox is optional. Jukebox is also pre-installed.

*Note: This Cricket 2019 PC Game is a Paid Game. 

It’s originally priced at Rs.149, but we are offering it for Rs.79 only so that every gamer can enjoy this game without hurting his wallet. (Limited time offer)

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Editorial & User Rating: 4.9/5
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List of Tournaments in EA Sports Cricket 2019

EA Sports HD Cricket 2019 Game Features

Beside all these mega features you have training sessions, exhibition matches, challenging domestic tours, and much more to explore…

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How to Download EA Sports Cricket 2019 Game in PC/Laptop?

As it’s a Paid Game, there’s something that you need to know before buying/downloading the game. Originally priced at Rs.149, but as the Sale is going on, you can get this game for Rs.79 only!

*Side note: You won’t get the game’s direct download link on any other website. Most sites are fooling people & not providing the game. We are authentic & we provide one-click direct download links.

So, here are the steps you need to follow in order to get this HD Cricket 2019 Game…

Step 1: Visit this link and click on Buy Now button

Step 2: On Checkout page, enter your billing details

Step 3: Choose your Payment method & complete your purchase (Pay using Paytm/UPI/Debit Card)

Step 4: After successful purchase, you’ll land on a page, where you’ll get the HD Cricket 2019 game. Just Click on the download button to download the game’s pdf file.

Step 5: Open the file (pdf) in your chrome browser, then, just click on the link & your browser will start downloading the latest Ea Sports Cricket 2019 game.

*Note: We are providing 100% Safe and Secured downloads, No Ads, No redirects, No popups, in between. Clean, Fast and secured. Buy the game and experience our premium service.

How to Install EA Sports Cricket 2019 Game in PC/Laptop?

Step by Step Installation of Cricket 2019 Game:

Step 1: First Step is to Install Cricket 07 game in a folder (If you don’t have, then Get Cricket 07 game here)

Step 2: Next, extract the downloaded files of CR19. If you haven’t downloaded then Visit this link , complete the purchase & download the Ea Sports HD Cricket 2019 game. After downloading,

Step 3: Extract & then double click and open HD Studioz Cricket 2K19 v1.exe (setup file)

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed further by clicking on the next button. Then the setup will ask you where you have to install the game.

Step 5: Here, browse and choose the exact game destination where you installed cricket 07 (Make sure to Install all the files in the same folder)

Step 6: Click next, and then click Start. Now, the setup will install all the game files. (may take several minutes)

Step 7: After successful installation, the last step is to go to My documents > Ea sports cricket 07 > and then look for the HDC19V1.ros file, if it’s there, consider that you have successfully installed the cricket 2K19 game. If not, then you have to manually Copy the .ros file [roster file] and paste it in the documents “game” folder (paste roster files of all versions)

Step 8: Now, install the other versions in separate folder. The procedure is similar to the above installation.

Next, open any version you wish to play, then load the specific roster file of that version, and now you can start enjoying the Cricket 2019 game.

As you can see the installation of this Cricket 2019 game is quite easy. Just follow the above step by step guide provided above or else refer to the guide provided with the game.

*Note: The installation is pretty self-explanatory. 

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Game Developers/ Credits

Disclosure: This is not an official cricket game by BCCI or Ea Sports & it’s not licensed by any of the mega company. This is an modded version game in which there are tons of new features that give the complete look of real life cricket, International tournaments, IPL matches, and you can enjoy it on your pc. This is purely developed by HD Studioz modders & it’s not a funded by any company.

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