Here are few “Quick” Big Bash Cricket Winning Tips & Tricks

If you are into playing mobile cricket games, you know that Big Bash is highly popular. Cricket is a pretty demanding game, requiring players to mind various aspects at once.

You understand that the nature of cricket as a sport is quite complex, so the same applies to this popular game. And, you definitely had this in mind the last time you visited your favorite sport betting site for Indian players

 Whether you are a newbie trying to understand the Big Bash Cricket game or you need a few tricks to improve your performance, we have you covered. In this post, we share valuable recommendations on how to play this game and ensure a win.

Super Ball

The Super Ball move is easier when compared to the Super Bat since you are required to prevent the opponent from hitting a boundary in three deliveries. This way, you will bowl faster. In case you lose a bat, you can recharge the meter with three balls.


One of the useful tricks to learn to play Big Bash is how to take wickets. Specific deliveries are more likely to prevent the batsmen and allow you to take the wicket. 

The best option is to set Balanced for your field, which means you state the fielder as an essential factor. It would be best to make sure that the ball lands right on the crease and bowl from around the wicket.

To ensure you take the wicket, here is another power move that enhances your chances of winning. Inswinging yorker is a delivery that will bring a wicket.


Playing might be complex at a certain point, but it will become more manageable once you exercise. 

You need to understand that the AI bowlers won’t be difficult to pick because they use varying paces. What does this mean for you as a player? This means that the bowlers will have mostly slow deliveries, with a few quick balls in between them. 

What can you do to improve your chances of winning? Keep your eye on the ball and choose the blue path, which is for the fastballs. When you spot this, bat a speedy one. In case you don’t see the trail, watch out for the ball.

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The fielding part is of huge importance in the cricketing world. Therefore, here’s a few valuable tips and tricks that increase your chances of a win.

As we have observed in many games, tight fielding is a game-changing trick in cases. This trick brings many benefits, such as good batsmen in the sector, fast bowlers, and good spin bowlers. Since misfielding is a demotivator for the team, this problem will be overcome. 

Cricket is a sport where teamwork plays a crucial role. Therefore, fielding is an essential aspect that increases the chances of a victory. The proper fielding tactics together with cohesiveness will build a solid team-oriented towards success.

Every player needs to ensure their best performance in every aspect of the game, from batting to fielding. To improve the fielding, players need to mind their instinct and enhance anticipation. Players need to include their intuition in determining the direction and height of the ball.

A good fielder should rely on their skills and ensure excellent performance, regardless of their position. In addition, concentration plays a crucial role. Each player needs to be present at the moment while being prepared to react immediately.

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