Update | RK Cricket Studios might me Re-launching!

Update: July 2021

It’s very likely that you have heard the name of website named “RK Cricket Studios” created by a content creator on Youtube, who used to provide all the latest cricket 07 stuff, patches, articles on his website for years and years.

He did a fantastic job by continuously providing all the latest updates related to the cricket 07 game. But due to some reasons, the creator had left both the platforms i.e his blogspot website & Youtube Channel for over a year and as of now his blogspot site is no more.

Thankfully, there’s an positive update for people looking for rkcricketstudios website.

The creator is on his comeback. Meaning, RK Cricket Studios website (at web address: rkcricketstudios.com) is going to launch soon. As per the information we have, it’s under the development mode.

Another awesome update is it’s a [dot] com website (more professional and user-friendly). You can signup for rkcricketstudios.com by visiting this link & get further updates.

If you are wandering about the authenticity of this information then let us inform you that Team InsideCricSport was also his out of his mind only. Meaning, RK Cricket Studios founder is a co-founder of InsideCricSport. You can trust this information.

Anyway, if you are interested, visit rkricketstudios.com and join the waitlist.

If you are looking for the latest ea cricket 2021 patch, then you can join our waitlist.

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