Hilarious Troll Cricket Memes that will make you Laugh Hard

Love to see Cricket Memes? Here are 10 Hilarious Troll Cricket Memes that will make you laugh hard. No.1 is really hilarious that’s gonna make you…


In this post, we gonna share some of the hilarious troll cricket memes that will surely make you laugh hard.

Before getting into it, we just want to make it very clear that this post is just for humor and entertainment purposes, it’s not personal, nor directed to a particular player or team. We have collected all the graphics from various social media platforms and credited where required.

We all know that whatever goes viral. it gets copied or mostly trolled. So it’s no brainer that cricket and cricketers won’t be left. They also get trolled very often.

Here’s what Cambridge Distornary states about the term troll “someone who leaves an intentionally annoying message on the internet, in order to get attention or cause trouble.

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Now without any further due, let’s enjoy some of the most hilarious cricket memes that are posted on social media platforms.

25 Most Hilarious Troll Cricket Memes on the Internet

The trending Cricket Meme in 2020


Every Indian Cricketer After Watching Hardik’s Engagement


What’s in the Name. Naam me kya Rakha h 🙂


Ishant’s Unforgettable Face


World’s Best Umpire


Funny Troll Cricket Memes












We hope that you enjoyed these “troll cricket Fb” or rather say cricket memes funny.

Please consider them as entertaining as they are not intended to harm or abuse anyone. These images are created just for fun and you can find tons of such images on the social media platforms.

Credits: Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Share with your friends and make them laugh. Also, let us know which was the most hilarious cricket meme on which you laughed a lot.

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