Uninstall Apps & Boycott Chinese Goods: Sonam Wangchuk to Citizens

Sonam Wangchuk urged Indians to boycott Chinese goods and apps like Tik Tok. He made this appeal amid the ongoing tensions between India and China at the LAC in Ladakh. Read on to know the list of apps you should uninstall…

Uninstall Chinese Apps Boycott China

Disclaimer: The content in this post should be regarded as a personal opinion. I know boycotting physical goods will take time but not the apps & therefore I’m listing some of the Chinese apps that you should remove so that we can support the “Boycott China Movement“. By the way, it’s my decision to uninstall apps as being a website owner & a friend of an app developer, I know how much revenue these apps earn & that too (mostly) from our country. So it’s time to stop it. Anyways, the decision is up to you.

I hope you all are aware of the current situations so without making it an SEO friendly post, let me just share the list of 17 Chinese Apps that you should Uninstall Right Now!

Long story short…

Educator and innovator Sonam Wangchuk created headlines after his tweet and YouTube video (embedded below) urging Indians to boycott Chinese goods went viral on social media.

Mr. Wangchuk made this appeal amid the ongoing tensions between India and China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. He requested the public to quit using all kinds of Chinese products and especially Chinese mobile applications.

If you are not aware of anything, watch this video

‘Use Your Wallet Power, #BoycottMadeinChina’

Mr. Wangchuk, who is a native of Ladakh, inspired the role of Phunsukh Wangdu played by actor Aamir Khan in one of the biggest Bollywood hits – 3 Idiots. He released a YouTube video titled ‘CHINA KO JAWAAB’ on 28 May explaining how Indians can contribute and play a major part by helping the country in this situation.

In the video, Mr. Wangchuk talks about the tensions on the Indo-China border after China intruded across the LAC in Ladakh. He emphasized that our soldiers are protecting the borders while we sleep peacefully, but this time it shouldn’t be the army alone and citizens should take responsibility to retaliate as well by boycotting Chinese imports, leaving a negative impact on the economy of China.

Anyways, now before we move on to the list, here’s one more imp video that you must watch…

List of Chinese Apps you should Uninstall Right Now!

There are tons of Chinese apps but for now, I’m listing 17 of the Top Chinese Apps that you might be using on a daily basis but today it’s time to uninstall them. (Doesn’t matter how much followers, friends, you have acquired)

  1. TikTok (The real shit)
  2. Helo (Don’t be a slave for some money)
  3. Likee (…. No words)
  4. Kwai
  5. SHAREit (Other alternatives are present)
  6. PUBG (Difficult but have to delete)
  7. UCBrowser (The most chu..ya browser)
  8. UCBrowser Mini
  9. LiveMe
  10. Bigo Live
  11. Vigo Video
  12. BeautyPlus
  13. Cam Scanner
  14. Clash of Kings
  15. Mobile Legends
  16. AppLock (Delete this as well as content that needed this app)
  17. VMate (This app was badly promoted by Youtubers)

As I mentioned before that there are tons of Chinese apps & to uninstall all of them you can either manually uninstall them or use the “One Touch App” newly launched “Remove China Apps” application. By the way, they haven’t monetized it & doesn’t contains any ads which purely indicates that the app is made for a purpose not for profits.

In Support of Wangchuk & Boycott China Movement

Some Actors & influencers backed the innovator’s stand by praising him and ensuring their support. (Me too :D)

Actor and model Milind Soman quit TikTok after Wangchuk’s request and garnered huge support from his fans, inspiring many to do the same.

It’s seriously the time to accept the truth & support the nation. Meanwhile, you can play some games on your pc. Anyways, stay tuned for more patroitic, gaming & some trending content 😀

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