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We all know that Ea sports games rule the world but in Asian countries like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, EA Sports Cricket Games are much loved as “Cricket is more than just a sport in Asian Countries”. Agree with that? Anyways, if you are here for EA Sports Cricket 2018 game then you’ll be shocked to know the facts which I will share with you in this post. If Interested, then read the article or else click on the download button to head over to ea cricket 2018 download section.

Back in 2011, a rumor was spread that EA Sports has released it’s new cricket game and from that, a new term entered the Internet world. It was “EA Sports Cricket 2011”.

I really don’t know who did this in 2011, but one thing is for sure that whoever extended the rumor did it for the sake of exposure and gaining traffic. Anyways, those days are gone. But sadly, the same thing happened back in 2016, 2017 and also in the year 2018 which resulted in a new term i.e “Ea Sports Cricket 2018”

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One of the Finest Mod for EA Sports Cricket games

I know you are not getting me. But wait, let me explain the whole scenario as well as tell you the truth.

EA Sports stopped making cricket games after their very popular Cricket 07 game.

Yes, the above line is true. There were many reasons for which they (EA) needed to stop the streak and discontinue publishing more cricket games. We’ll discuss why EA stopped cricket games some other day. But for now, keep in mind that there’s no cricket game published after Cricket 07 by Ea Sports.

Today, we are providing Cricket 2018 which is a modded version game for the cricket 07. The mod is developed by team HD Studioz & has labeled it as “MSD Cricket 2018”. If you are in a hurry, you can directly download the game here.

Sadly MSD Cricket 2018 game has no searches on the google, instead, ea sports cricket 2018 has tons of searches & therefore we are providing this MSD 2018 Game under the label EA Sports Cricket 2018 PC game and it makes complete sense as this game is developed in the year 2018 containing all 2018 features. Even though modded one, but it’s a pc cricket game 2018.

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Anyways, that was something that no one will disclose, but we the members of team iCS are honest with our audience. (You can know more about us here)

Do you know? Even in 2020, the searches for terms like

  • EA Sports Cricket 2018
  • EA Sports Cricket 2018 pc game download
  • Ea Cricket 2018, etc terms

has active trends. Don’t believe me? See the data attached below…

Note: Make sure to allow JavaScript on our site. If JavaScript is blocked by your browser, you won’t be able to see the data.

The above google trends data clearly shows that people from India are still interested in this game and want to download ea sports cricket 2018 game.

A Side note: This is a pc cricket game of the year 2018, so android users who were searching for ea sports cricket 2018 for android will be disappointed. Sorry to say, but you can’t get this game on your android device. If you’re an android user then I recommend you check out these 15+ Best android cricket games and install them asap.


Now before we introduce you to this awesome MSD 2018 Cricket Game, here’s a list of things that you’ll get from this post along with important note and table of content for quick navigation…

Topics covered in this article:

  1. Overview of MSD 2018 Cricket Game
  2. Requirements of Ea Sports Cricket 2018 Game
  3. Developers of the Game
  4. Features of Cricket 2018 game
  5. Genuine Download Links of the game
  6. How to Install this MSD Cricket 2018 PC Game
  7. How to enhance your gameplay with Game Controllers

Short on Time? Instantly Download the Game here

Editorial Ratings

One of the Finest Mod for EA Sports Cricket games

Important Note:

This is not an Official cricket game by Ea Sports as Ea has stopped making cricket games. Also, it’s not licensed by any company. We are providing you a modded version game that contains features & tournaments of the year 2018 & hence we label it as PC Cricket game 2018. Also, this post contains a few affiliate links. You can read our affiliate disclosure here.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game Overview

MSD Cricket 2018 game comes in 3 different versions containing lots of tours and tournaments so that a gamer can enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Version 1 contains International package
  • Version 2 contains Tours and Series package
  • Version 3 contains Scenarios package

If you are new to this modded games, then let me explain you in simple words.

As mentioned earlier that this mod is for Ea Cricket 07 game, so you’ll need cricket 07 game (In-case if you don’t have C07, you can get it from here)

Then you have to install these modded versions (1,2,3) individually so that you can enjoy the game. After installing MSD Cricket 18 game, your Cricket 07 game will completely change to Cricket 2018 game. (See features below)

In the modding world, this MSD Cricket 18 game is known as the Mega patch as it contains tons of features, tours, and tournaments.

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Requirements of Cricket 2018 Game

System Requirements of Ea Sports Cricket 2018 Game

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Architecture: x64, x86
  • DirectX: DirectX12 API
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video Memory: 1 GB

Essential Requirements of Cricket 2018 Game

  • Original Cricket 07 game
  • Game Controller
  • Game Mod files and Roster Files
  • Other Imp files i.e Adds on

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game Developers

This modded version is developed by Team HD Studioz. Here are the members of their team…

  • Hamza Ayaz
  • Danish Ayaz
  • Akash Saharan
  • VDQuint 
  • AJ Mods
  • Roni Ghosh 
  • MSD IccStudios 
  • SD Innovation
  • RockstarAV
  • Fahad Hussain
  • Aakash Singh Kushwah
  • Muhammad Muzammil
  • Kunal Saxena
  • Vishal Saxena
  • Anurag Raghuwanshi
  • Sidharth Nayak
  • SM Mods
  • Lalit Innovation 

Cricket 2018 Game Features

As I have already mentioned that this MSD Cricket Game comes with lots of features, so it’s now time to know the game features (after that tournaments).

  • High-Quality Latest Kits of 2018 that’s correctly assigned to all the teams including domestic and other state teams.
  • All new updated HD logo’s
  • A pack of REALISTIC STADIUMS is provided for better & Realistic gaming experience. (if you want to enhance your gaming, grab the below mentioned gamepads)

  • New 2018 Rosters, HD Pitchads, New Stumps & Amazing Outfields
  • Unique umpires at different venues, like Erasmus, billy, dharmasena, etc other umpires with unique kits added.
  • Genuine fixtures for most of the tournaments
  • New 4K Batpack added for ultimate gaming

Beside all these mega features you have training sessions, domestic tours and much more to explore…


MSD Cricket 2018 Tournaments

I have already mentioned that this is a mega patch and it contains a lot of tournaments. All the 3 different versions come with different tournaments which I have listed here…

List of tournaments in EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game:

  • Vivo IPL Season 10
  • HBL PSL 2017 Edition
  • Asia Cup T20 2016
  • All-Stars Cricket 2017-18
  • ICC Test Championship [1&2]
  • ICC Champions Trophy 2017
  • KFC BBL 2016-2017
  • The Ashes [2017-18 version]
  • The Rivalry Series [Ind vs Pak]

Best Gamepads to Enhance your Gaming Experience

It’s no wonder that playing pc games with gamepads gives us a different feeling and overall it enhances the whole gaming experience, right?

So, if you want to enhance your experience while playing EA Sports Cricket 2018 game then you can grab any of these gamepads. They are the best for EA sports games and also the cheapest in the market.


If you want gaming accessories in budget price, go for “Readgear” – A popular and a budget-friendly gamepad endorsed by team iCS.

  • It has 8 Way Direction Buttons.
  • 2 Analog Triggers, 2 analog sticks.
  • 10 digital keys.
  • 1.8m USB cable.
  • X-D Input mode. Big Advantage Over Quantum 7568.
  • Compatible for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Here, I have linked the best and cheapest game controllers, one is Readgear & another is Quantum. The best part of these controllers is they can be used for other pc games as well. Grab these gamepads from the trusted source i.e Amazon.

For this Cricket 2018 game, you don’t need any Batpack, Roster & Jukebox files as all the files are already included in the mega patch. Additionally, you can grab any of the above mentioned gamepad, just to enhance your gaming.

First, download the game from the below provided links and then if required, you can read our guide on How to Install Ea sports cricket 2018 game.

Imp Note: First, you’ll land on the download page where you’ll get all the game links. Each & every download link is hosted on MediaFire, which means they are genuine (no ads, no captcha in between)

You can either download Versions one by one or else grab the bulk download links. One more thing, you have to download the error fixes and adds on. Also note that Product Keys of the game are provided on our download page.

Editorial Ratings

Finest Mod created for Ea Cricket 07

MSD Cricket 18 Game “Product Keys”

  • 2993 – 7310 – 0359 – 5746 – 8851
  • 6128 – 9060 – 7989 – 8712 – 7230
  • 3712 – 1469 – 3520 – 9347 – 9654
  • 2547 – 3468 – 9799 – 7957 – 2363

When you’ll run the Setup, at one point, it will ask you for the Product Keys. Use any of the above-provided product keys to unlock all versions of the “MSD Cricket 2018 Cricket game”.

How to Install EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game on PC

If you want to have an error-free installation of this game, then you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: In order to play this MSD Cricket game on your pc, you must have EA Cricket 2007. (If you don’t have, get it from here)

Step by Step Installation of Cricket 2018 Game:

  1. First, download the game from above-provided links
  1. Then you need to Install Cricket 07 game in a new folder (Get Cricket 07 game here)
  1. Next, open the rar file (downloaded game files) then extract the setup and install them one by one (You’ll need WinRAR for extraction)
  1. Now, Extract the Modded files & run the application wizard
  1. Proceed further correctly and choose the exact game destination where you installed cricket 07 (Make sure to Install each version in a separate folder)
  1. After successful installation, the last step is to Copy the .ros file [roster file] and paste it in the documents “game” folder (paste roster files of all versions)
  1. Now, open any version you wish to play, then load the specific roster file of that version, and now you can start enjoying the game.

As you can see the installation of this MSD game is quite easy. Just follow the above step by step guide.

But if you find these steps difficult or less informative then don’t worry. You’ll get a step by step guide from the developers in a txt file which we have provided on our download page. Just make sure to download installation guide as well.

You can also search for the installation guide on Youtube, but to make things easier, we have embedded Pratik’s video here. So watch the video & if you need more help, just comment your query & we’ll try to help 😀

Installation Video

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Image Credits: RK Cricket Studios

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