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Powered by InsideCricSport, the Cricket 2021 game delivers you the utmost realistic experience of over 12+ tournaments like ICC Test Championship, Vivo IPL 2021, KFC BBL, etc in Cricket 07. This Rewind Edition mod features the complete tournament package including customizable exhibition matches, containing all the latest stuff like the latest International and Domestic Teams with New (Updated) HD Kits & Accessories, New Team Logos, Latest Indian Stadiums without Crowd, accurate team squads, and so on.

With authentic faces, realistic 2021 Indian & International Stadiums,, it offers accurate squads of all teams. Packed with super-realistic broadcasting overlays, editor for customization & a unique stroke variation for better gameplay.

Along with customization features, a new modified gameplay is included to deliver a champions-caliper experience with closer controls towards the game engine. It’s solely developed by Team HD Studioz & A2 Studios.

Product Specifications

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Cricket 21 works with your Existing products!

Just download your copy, activate it & then with launcher, select the tournament you want to play & get going instantly.

The Problem is that not all of us have a nice high-end pc with AMD Ryzen 7 processor along with GTX 1050 Ti graphics
That's why, Cricket 21 is made to work with your current Windows OS with existing system specs. Also, You can Play with your Keyboard and Mouse. Nothing fancy required!

You got to know that It's for you. Now,

Take a Look at some of the CRICKET 21 FEATURES that will make you crave for this game!!!

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Comes with

Jhakaas Desi Stadiums and Epic International Stadiums

Cricket 2021 Rewind Edition is packed with Jhakaas Indian Stadiums such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

Moreover, it contains all the updated Stadiums of International Cricket like Southampton,  Melbourne, Sydney, Colombo, & many more. To provide realistic experience, most of the stadiums comes with few or no crowd in the stadium.

Be confident as the

Batsmen's are Equipped with Quality Weapons

Unlike other games where you get only plain bats for the top cricketers, it's not the same in Cricket 21.

All of your favorite players bats like MRF, CEAT, Kookaburra, SG, New-Balance, GM, SS, TON, Spartan, etc are included & assigned in this game. So, no more playing with plain ordinary bats as you've got branded bats in your hand.

Comes with

Interactive Game Engine & Modern UI

Wowsome experience in IPL as it's comes with Modern UI which will provide you realistic experience. Other than that, each & every section of Cricket 21 is perfectly modified to provide unique & relevant experience for the tournaments it contains. 

Gear up with the

Latest Jersey's & Prepare for the Battle

Contains Super Realistic and detailed kits of all International and Domestic  teams like Vivo IPL, BBL, World Test Championship, etc.

Sponsors, Patterns, etc are also updated for each team. It also includes Kits of renamed IPL team – Punjab Super Kings & Green version of RCB.

The Interesting part is, you can

Switch from Helmet to Cap & Get in the Hitting zone

You are in complete control of your players, you can easily switch from Helmet to Cap when the Spinners are in the attack.

Cricket 2021 is designed with consideration of each phase of the game. Hence, you can easily switch between cap and helmet in just couple of steps.

The feature most desire...

Enhanced Gameplay with Unique Stroke Variations

As most of the uses like the stroke variation feature, Cricket 21 is packed with Pari gameplay that will give you realistic, unique & surprising experience.

Traditional Drives, Lofted Shots, Sweeps, Reverse sweep, Pull shot, etc everything modified to some extent to provide you better gaming experience.

Comes with

Your Favorite Players Looks really well in C21

Cricket 21 comes with realistic player faces (over 100+ updated & new ones added).

All of your favorite stars, be it Rohit, Virat, Dhoni, Sanju Samson, Smith, Chris, etc all are modified to a great extent to make them super realistic for the utmost experience.

It's packed with

Realistic Overlays that can Blow your Mind

Playing an IPL match with IPL Scoreboard is now possible in this game.

No more default overlays as Cricket 21 comes with over 50+ Broadcasting Overlays of all the Major tournaments like Vivo IPL, ICC Test Championship, KFC BBL, Asia Cup, etc. Moreover, you get complete control over overlays as you can change them anytime.

So, it's time to

REWIND and Feel the Realism in Cricket 21

Less cricket in year 2021, so, let's REWIND and Feel the Realism with Realistic Stadiums some without Crowd, Updated Stadium Modes, Branded Player Bats, Unique Camera Angles, Realistic Boundary Ads, New Authentic Kits, Mouth-watering graphics, Update Squads, Authentic player faces, Stroke variations and much more…

Game Features

System Requirements

Disclaimer: This is not an official cricket game by Vivo or EA Sports or BCCI & it’s not licensed by any of the mega company. This is an modded version game in which there are tons of new features that give the complete look of real life cricket, International tournaments, and more importantly the IPL 2021 matches, and you can enjoy it on your pc. Also, the above video is just for graphical representation. The actual gameplay may differ. This is purely developed by HD Studioz & A2 Studios modders & it’s not a funded by any company. We are just a platform where you can download such modded games at affordable prices.

Additional Information

Adds On

And There's even more...

Here's what a good cricket game Will do for you...

Will allow you to...

Customize as you Like

Cricket 21 comes with a great tool "Player Editor" by which you can Customize almost every aspect for a player & team. Choose Bat, assign skills, change bowling speed, modify accessories, and so much more customizations available with this tool.

Will allow you to...

Play Latest Tournaments

As mentioned above, it's packed with popular tournaments like ICC Test Championship (Final), ICC WT20, ICC CWC 2019, Asia Cup, Vivo IPL 2021, KFC BBL and many more.


With the new innovation of Launcher, you are now just a click away to play your desired tournaments. Moreover, the tournaments are categorized for different user types.

will help you...

Release Stress

Mandryk's latest research has proven that video games can actually help reduce stress and improve mental health.


"When people play video games they actually have a lot of benefits to our emotional health or social health and our mental well-being". So, Cricket 21 can be a good choice.

will help you...

Take Better Decisions

It's been proved that Video games provide a means to improve a human’s cognitive skills. A study, proved that video games do improve cognitive skills and decision-making.


Cognitive skills such as perception, attentional control, and decision-making improves when subjects were trained with video games. Cricket is more than just a game & it definitely impacts most of our life. -Source

will help you...

Save Money

Games with such features are usually priced above Rs.999, but we understand each and every ones pocket & hence it's priced for Rs.499 only.


Order before the offer expires to save big on this latest & the biggest cricket game.

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