Straightforward Refund Policy

We strive for customer satisfaction by providing authentic downloads along with Installation guides and bonuses like discounts and coupons for loyal customers.

All the content including bonuses is appreciated by thousands of gamers & we hope that you’ll appreciate it too.

The nature of the product is digital, not physical and it would not be possible to get the product back anyhow after your purchase. Then also, we do offer full refunds for the digital product (games) that we sell on our website provided there’s a valid reason for that.

Each and every system is different & therefore we don’t take a complete guarantee of working of all the games/products on all of the systems.

But, in cases such as the game doesn’t work completely on the customer’s system irrespective of provided solutions, then we’ll initiate a 100% full refund (within 48-72 hours) of the total paid amount by the customer.

Note that we don’t provide any refunds if:

  1. The game is lagging on your system (bcoz it’s your system’s issue)
  2. You didn’t like the game for any reason (you should have checked the details & snaps before making a purchase)
  3. You have played enough & now bored with the game
  4. You’ve purchased by mistake

Also, note that refunds for installation services are not provided. As the service requires real human resources, it’s not possible for us to provide refunds for the services provided by our team.

The reason for this is, on average installation takes around 30 to 40 mins and when the customer’s pc is slow or some network issues occur then it takes even longer (1 to 2 hours).

We hope you’ll understand & agree to these terms. Full refund for games but no refunds for the service. Sorry that we are going hard on this one but there’s no other way around it.

If you have any questions or need any help regarding refunds, please feel free to contact us here.

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