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Grand Theft Auto: GTA Punjab Game for PC [FREE Download]

Woah! Here’s another very desired pc game for iCS readers. Today we bring the GTA Punjab pc game which was in demand for a very long time.

Anyways, If you are here to download GTA Punjab game for pc then you’ll get the download links along with the required game info. Interested? Keep reading or else click on the download button to head over to the GTA Punjab game download section.

Just like GTA Amritsar, this GTA Punjab is also a very popular pc game & it’s being searched 1000’s times per month, especially by the Indian audience. Don’t believe me? Ok, see the proofs and stats listed below. Anyways, let’s talk about this GTA Punjab game in detail.

GTA Punjab is not a sequel like Don Bradman Cricket 17 game was a sequel of its older version Don Bradman Cricket 14. It’s more like Ea sports Cricket 2021 or rather say Ea Sports Cricket 2019.

How? It’s also a mod, not an original game. Interesting, isn’t it?

Before we start, let me answer a couple of frequently asked questions…

Is GTA Punjab a Real Game?

The answer to this question will be Yes at first & then No. Let me explain…

Just like the GTA Amritsar game, this GTA Punjab is also a modded game, not a real game by Rockstar games but it’s published on the Internet by the modder & hence people are looking to download & play this game.

So the conclusion is, that even though modded, the GTA Punjab game exists. Read on to know more about the game…

How & where can I download GTA Punjab game?

No need to look elsewhere because you have already landed on the right website. If interested, read the game information or else simply scroll download to the download section & download the GTA Punjab game for Free. Also, the installation & other useful guide is provided.

We have discussed the game in detail below, so if you have time to read the info then scroll down & read all the useful info, or else, just grab the game by clicking on the download button.

Short on Time? Instantly Download the Game here

Editorial Ratings

Amazing GTA Mod, Enjoyed by many GTA gamers

A Small Note: Today, we are providing GTA Punjab full version pc game. We are not developers nor modders & we don’t own this game. We are just distributors & the reason we’re sharing this & many more amazing pc games is that people still want to download and play GTA Punjab & similar games on their pc/laptop.

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One Interesting fact you might not know is that this GTA game is as popular as any other cricket game & after the release of the mod, the searches for terms like

  • GTA Punjab Download
  • GTA Punjab game download for pc
  • GTA Punjab setup download for pc, etc terms

have active trends even in 2020. If you don’t believe me, then see the data attached below…

Note: Make sure to allow JavaScript on our site. If JavaScript is blocked by your browser, you won’t be able to see the data.

Please note: I have set the time frame from June 2019 to June 2020 (the last 12 months). Also, the data is not standard, so the graph may look different on your visit.

And in the above google trends data, you can see that people from India are still interested in this game and want to download GTA Punjab pc full version.

Also, you can see that people search for the term informational term “GTA Punjab” more than the intentional term i.e GTA Punjab download. Interesting, isn’t it? (By the way, I know you also searched for the same term 😉)


Now before we dig deep into this amazing GTA Mod, here’s a list of things that you’ll get from this post along with important notes and a table of content for quick navigation…

Topics covered in this article:

  1. A short Overview of GTA Punjab Game
  2. GTA Punjab System Requirements
  3. A look at Key Features of GTA Punjab pc game
  4. Genuine Download Links of the game
  5. GTA Punjab game snapshots
  6. How you can enhance your gameplay with Game Controllers

Genuine Disclosure:

This is not an Official GTA game by Rockstar games, instead, it’s a modded game made by “?” but it’s available on the internet & hence we are providing free download links. We are not doing any kind of piracy, we are just sharing the links from where you can download GTA Punjab game for pc. Also, we couldn’t credit the developers as we don’t know who they are, but then too, we should not be liable for any damage, loss to any person, company, or whoever accesses the files. Also, this post contains a few affiliate links. You can read our affiliate disclosure here.

GTA Punjab PC Game Overview

GTA Punjab is a pc game developed by some (unknown) GTA users developed in the very popular Rockstar’s GTA San Andreas game & released on the internet & thankfully we found it.

As mentioned, it’s a modded game. Some individual or maybe a team of people has modified the GTA San Andreas game and given it a completely new environment in the game and named it based on its new type, all we know is this modded version is known as GTA Punjab.

It comes with some (amazing) modifications.

As mentioned, there are many changes made by the modifier & due to which the old GTA San-Andreas game looks something different.


One thing is for sure, i.e this game is made by some advanced minds (gamers) as they found a way to modify the game and it’s appreciated.

In this game, you can see some modifications such as the Punjabi language, modified maps, amazing changes in locations, text messages in the Punjabi language, different dressing, and also, some new vehicles such as tractors, desi motorcycles, etc are included, etc.

One more important thing i.e the game setup is already compressed, so no need to worry or search for “GTA Punjab download for pc highly compressed “. Also, the game setup size is 1 GB only & more importantly, it works (smoothly) on a low-end PC.


Let me give you a brief overview of the very popular GTA mod

GameGTA Punjab
CompatibilityWindows XP/7/8/10
Core GameGTA San Andreas
GenreAction, Adventure, Fighting, Shooting
Download SizeAround 1 GB
Disk SpaceRequires around 3-4 GB free space
Additional NoteCan be played on Low-end PC’s

GTA Punjab System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements for GTA Punjab game

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (may work in 8 & 10)
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core, Pentium III (1 GHz) or equivalent
  • Architecture: x64, x86
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Graphics: 64 MB Memory
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM (Works smoothly on 1GB)
  • Hard Drive: Around 2 GB of available space
  • Additional Notes: No network required, Controllers optional

GTA Punjab Game “Key Features”

You may not be aware that even though this is a modded game but it does come with some amazing features. The developer hasn’t listed any but we found some & here are some of the key game features

  • New and different vehicles like trucks, tractors, Desi motorcycles, etc are provided
  • A player can change his dress (Punjabi style) in this GTA mod.
  • Desi Bikes, Trains, Trucks, Auto Rickshaws, etc are added

  • Improvised Graphics, different textures & a different Geo-location (Punjab)
  • No more similar roads. New Punjabi streets, roads, and green fields added
  • The Punjabi language was added (only in a few places)
  • A variety of game modifications are done & new cheats are available
  • Though a few new missions & sound-tracks are added (at some places)

Besides all these features you have a lot more to explore…

Best Gamepads to Enhance your Gaming Experience

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  • Compatible for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.
  • 1-year full warranty.

I have linked the best and cheapest game controllers, one is Readgear & another is Quantum. The best part of these controllers is they can be used for other pc games as well. Grab these gamepads from a trusted source i.e Amazon.

How to Install GTA Punjab Game on your PC/Laptop

If you want to install the game, just follow these basic steps…

  • First, download the GTA Punjab setup file from the below-provided link
  • Next, locate the downloaded file & then extract it (use Winrar)
  • After the extraction is completed, you’ll get a new folder “GTA Punjab”
  • Open that folder & locate .exe file
  • Double-click or run it as an administrator to play the game
  • Boom! You are ready to enjoy the mod.

GTA Punjab PC Game Free Download Full version

Unlike the Ea Sports Cricket games, you don’t need any extra adds on files for this game. Additionally, you can grab any of the above-mentioned gamepads from Amazon, just to enhance your gaming.

Anyways, here’s your download link from where you can easily download the GTA Punjab pc game.

Imp Note: We are providing the genuine download link of the GTA Punjab game. First, you’ll land on the download page where you’ll get all the game links. Currently, we don’t have GTA Punjab torrent links but other links are available.

Also, note that you don’t need any product keys or passwords to unlock the game, so what are you waiting for, just click on the button to download GTA mod for pc.

  • Most-wanted GTA mod
  • Great game, enjoyable
  • Free Download Available
  • Available for Windows XP, 7
  • Original version Available
  • Can be played on a low-end PC

Editorial Ratings

Amazing GTA Mod, Enjoyed by many GTA gamers

You might not know that the installation of this game is quite easy. Just follow the on-screen instructions or else follow the above-provided guidelines and install it.

But if you find these steps difficult or less informative then don’t worry. You can leave a comment & we’ll try to help 😀.

I hope your query for downloading GTA Punjab for pc, GTA Punjab pc game download, etc has been fulfilled.

If yes, then you can thank us in the comments section 😀

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